Is the originality deplorable? Yang Mi and Tang Yan have no language in the same frame. Both of them have daughters, and their former baby relatives are disillusioned

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: a pity? Yang Mi and Tang Yan have no language in the same frame. Both of them have daughters. Their former baby relatives are disillusioned

. In order to promote a new play, Tang Yan made her first appearance at a press conference after childbirth. On that day, Tang Yan wore a dark white strapless skirt, showing her long legs. The state is naturally like a girl, not like a mother who has just given birth. At the press conference, Tang Yan talked about the feelings of her postpartum comeback, such as the first meeting of Jilin kuaishan technique. She also refuted the rumor that the letter that she gave birth to twins was a fake Jilin Kuai San technique, and that she gave birth to a daughter. Netizens have left messages to wish the baby a healthy and happy growth!

At the same time, Yang Mi, a former friend of Tang Yan, was also present on the same day. In the photo, we can know that Yang Mi and Tang Yan are sitting in a foreign country very close. Jilin Kuai San skills are not in the same picture. But some fans have found that they have no communication and only concentrate on their own affairs or have a discussion with the people around. Is it emotional fragmentation? But look at the first two people's feelings are not bad, the water of the entertainment circle is too deep.


, Yang Mi Tang Yan's title of China's best friend was envious of others. Originally, he thought that they could stay together until they were old, but in the end, it was such an end. Old fan Du Qingxin Tang Yan was persecuted because of her love affair. Yang Mi lost her arms and made a voice. She supported Tang Yan and denounced her ex boyfriend Qiu Ze. Looking back on the first time, they were really emotional at that time.


when Yang Mi got married, Tang Yan was the only maid of honor. Yang Mi gave the most beneficial blessing to the most beneficial friend feeling, which made many people believe that there is true feeling in the entertainment circle, not only for fun. After Yang idem had a baby, they had a baby relationship. I have seen such a sentence: she is my best friend, bridesmaid, and the godmother of my children. At the age of 80, we are still the bed companion in the nursing home. Tang Yan is such a existence for Yang Mi.

In 15 years of

, Yang Mi and Tang Yan played the role of Zhao Mosheng, and they had a long talk all night. In 16 years, a script event happened. Yang Mi Shen left the scene with the help of Tang Yan. As long as they can meet, they will definitely stick to one without hesitation. Their friendship has been witnessed by us along the way, and it is also something that fans can never forget. But it is really a pity that every bit of their friendship has become something we can't go back to.

The scene we see in the same frame now is that we don't want to see each other again. Time flies by. In a flash, Tang Yan gets married and has a happy family. Yang Mi was divorced from Lau Kai Wai and Tang Yan was also missing. For their opinions about the fragmentation, they came out of foreign countries at the end of the day. This is the so-called Yiju Yisan. Do you think Tang Yan and Yang Mi still have a chance to regain their former friendship?

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